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G r e e n c a r d
where anyone from the world can immigrate easily to the United Stated of America by applying to the Dv lottery program each year.

Welcome New Immigrant!

Immigrating to The United States of America is very easy and accessible to most of the people in the world.


You just register to the Greencard DV Lottery Program.
Please click on the link for more information.

What is Greencard: DV Lottery Program?

Our Services

We guarantee a well done service by registering you and your family in the DV Lottery Program.
1. When we get your information and the fee, we proceed for your registration.
2. When we get a reply from the State Department, we send it to you.
3. When you win in the lottery, we send you the papers that you should fill in order to apply for your greencard visa.
4. By this our job is done.
5. If you need extra information, please contact us
If you win, you could easily immigrate to any State of the 50 States of America.

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