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where anyone from the world can immigrate easily to the United Stated of America by applying to the Dv lottery program each year.

Questions and Answers

1. What is Greencard?
Greencard is a resident visa for 10 years, living and working in the United States of America.It is help once in the year. After a random selction by a computer, the winners are notified by mail to their addresses they supply. When you win you fill papers and you ask for your visa. Please see the requirements before you register. After you fill the papers, you will wait for your appointment. When you get your visa, they give you 6 months to go to the United Sates of America. After living 5 years, you can apply for your citizenshinship. Thus you will become an American cisizen.

2. How can I get the greencard?
The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is the official way to get the greencard.You just registeronline
3.When do I register? ?
You can register at any time, but it is preferable not to wait until the end of the year.

4.What is its fee?
The department of State does not ask for a fee for registration. This fee is for our service to register you only. This covers the registration and the help that we give you by supplying information until you get your visa. We can also help you fill your papers when you win the lottery.
5.How do I know if I am registered?
After we register you when the official registration begins, you will get an online confirmation from the State of Department.
6.I am single, can I register twice?
No. you can not. Be aware. Your registration will be deleted.
7.I am married, can I register twice?
Yes. you can. Why? Because you can apply as the principle applicant and include your wife and children.
Then your wife can register as a principle applicant and include you ( husband) and children.
8.How do I know if I have won the lottery?
Well the Kentucky Consular Center will send you a notification letter, which will provide visa application instructions to your address that you supplied us.
9. Do they notify me if I don't win?
10.Does the State Department send me email or telelphone calls?
11.Can I ask them if I have won or not?
12.If I win, can I contact the State Department?
13. What if I have mistaken in filling the papers.can I ask them for others?
If you have been mistaken in filling your papers they have sent you, you can ask them for other papers.
14.If the State Department sent me an appointment that does not suit me, can I ask for the change of the date of appointment for my visa?
Yes. just ask them. No problem at all.
15.What documents will they ask me to prepare?
Well, when they notify you, they will send you a list of documents to prepare.Don't worry. If you have a problem you just ask us for help.
16.When I get my visa, can I immigrate at any time I want?
Yes. But they will give you six months to enter the United States of America.
17. Which State can I immigrate to?
Any State of the fifty States.
17.Are there jobs in America?
Yes. Plenty of jobs depending on what you want to do.
17.Can I ask other questions?
Yes. We are here to help you understand.
Please feel free to ask any question.

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