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G r e e n c a r d
where anyone from the world can immigrate easily to the United Stated of America by applying to the Dv lottery program each year.

A: One person registration :     $ 22

B: Family registration ( father + mother + children):      $ 40
C: Two family registrations:     : $ 70
Our fee is the cheapest online.
Please, we accept only US dollar and european euro. You can check the value of the currency in this site. Currency converter

A family can do two registrations:

A. One registration for the father as the principle applicant including his wife and children
B: One for the mother as the principle applicant including her husband and the children

Notice: If the father wins, he will emigrate with his wife and children.Besides, if the mother wins, she will emigrate with her husband and children.

This will help getting two chances to win the greencard.
Warning 1. If the father does not include his wife and children and he wins, he will emigrate alone without his family and there is no way to solve this problem.
So be careful.
2. You must not register twice for the same person as the principle applicant. Because the USA Department of State will delete your registrations.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question.
We are here to help and assist you.
Your satisfaction is our goal.

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